11 Brutal Memes That Best Describe Trump’s Relationship With Putin

Trump Putin Memes

Memes are a form of art. They truly know how to put things into perspective for us, and when it comes to Trump’s relationship with Putin, the memes some people have created are just brutal. The two radical world leaders might deny their friendship until their dying days, but we all know better. They’re the kind of besties who hook each other up with hookers, support the other’s clothing line, and stay up all night gossiping on the phone until one of them falls asleep. Here are the most hilarious memes that best describe Trump and Putin’s relationship.

It’s Complicated

Trump Putin Memes

“It’s complicated” is one way to describe it! Trump and Putin claim that their bond is fairly new, however, investigators have discovered that ties between our president and Russia go back long before he was elected. There’s no doubt that Putin saw an opportunity and took it, inviting Trump into bed with the enemy.

A Ventriloquist And His Dummy

Trump Putin Memes

Putin is like the cool kid in school everyone wants to be friends with. If this were Mean Girls, he’d be Regina George and Trump would be Karen. He’s not even smart enough to be a Gretchen. With Putin in the mix, America has never been more screwed up. Come 2020, a vote for Trump is a vote for Putin as well.

Bride And Groom

Trump Putin Memes

While Russian brides usually marry so they can legally become an American, today’s political climate has encouraged Americans to do the same, so they can get out of the United States. Even Trump himself just might be desperate enough to find a way to escape the mess he has created and flee the country. If all of his other escape plans fail, perhaps Putin will lift Russia’s anti-gay laws and take Trump as his wife himself. Once Putin gets a look at Trump in his dress, there’s no doubt that he’ll be on board.


Trump Putin Memes

People, let me tell you ’bout Trump’s best friend… He’s a corrupt politician who is rumored to be worth billions. Aside from this as well as their poor leadership skills, Putin and Trump also have family values in common. They both have none. From numerous affairs to abuse allegations, Trump and Putin are truly two peas in a pod. These two bros fear nothing more than being emasculated, something they overcompensate for by throwing absurd publicity stunts and ensuring they keep up with their reputation of being a womanizer.


Trump Putin Memes

Putin and Trump might think they’re capable of keeping their relationship on the DL, but we all know that their first official meeting wasn’t the first time the two have met. Likely this little lie was Trump’s attempt to cover up his escapades overseas with a few ladies of the night who (allegedly) suffer from bladder leakage. Fortunately for those of us who are anti-Trump activists, his lie might have encouraged further investigation into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election. 

The Elite And The Servant

Trump Putin Memes

Trump would never admit it, but his relationship with Putin is built on his willingness to serve the Russian president. A smart move on Putin’s end, there’s no doubt that he’s planting seeds during every interaction he has with Trump. Seeds that will improve the alliance between Russia and the United States and possibly result in agreements that we’ll have to adhere to long after Trump is gone. Most American’s might be keen on eliminating Republicans during the upcoming elections, but who’s to say we even have control over such things.

Mother And Baby

Trump Putin Memes

Baby, baby, drown your head in gravy,
Putin forbids buying bubble gum,
but that’s because he’s crazy.

Father And Son

Trump Putin Memes

Whether Putin is the nurturing mother figure appeasing Trump during one of his many outbursts or is acting as the macho father figure sending hookers to Trump’s hotel room, the two definitely have a parent-child kind of dynamic at times. It’s almost like Trump looks up to Putin as if the Russian leader has been such a successful leader. One thing is for sure, Putin will go down in the history books for his role in Russia, and his section might take up a few paragraphs. Maybe even chapters. Right now, Trump’s presidency is almost like part of the American blooper reel. Most people won’t even remember him, and his entire presidency can be summed up in a single sentence. The only thing he will be known for is being the orange blob sitting in the White House during the American resistance.

Couple With A Safe Word

Trump Putin Memes

Both Trump and Putin are overly concerned with their masculinity. So much so that they have both demonstrated homophobic tendencies. And you know what they say about those who are actively homophobic. They’re likely still in the closet using homophobia to cover up their own gay or bisexual feelings. It’s probably for the best that Putin and Trump keep their gay tendencies closeted though. Imagine the power couple the two of them would make! We’d be deep into a nuclear war before the two of them reached their six-month anniversary.

A Puppeteer And His Puppet

Trump Putin Memes

While Trump was busy obsessing over “crooked Hillary”, Putin made moves. He wormed his way into the White House and seems to have more control over our politics than the American people. Trump might be convinced that Putin has everyone’s interest in mind, but we all know what a load of crap that is. He’s only concerned about himself and his image. Putin’s relationship with the big dumb idiot running America is probably all the campaigning he’ll need to do in order to win the next election. And the next one. And the next one. The guy is already on what, his third term in office? Insane.

Employer and Employee

Trump Putin Memes

Trump might have a lot of experience firing employees over the years, but it would seem that the shoe is now on the other foot as they say. Putin is clearly calling all the shots these days. It’s still quite surprising though how quickly Trump went from being his own boss to being Putin’s bitch.


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