Here’s How To Recover Deleted Files — Yes, It Is Doable


You want a document, pic or other file that without thinking you somehow deleted!

You’ve dug the Recycle Bin. You’ve scoured your hard drive.

Still don’t see it? Relax, don’t trip.

Recuva handles all types of deleted files, from documents to videos to photos to emails, and it can seize them from your hard drive, a removable drive or a USB stick; Photo by: Engadget

As long as you act rapidly, you can ordinarily resurrect that file.

And to attain that feat, you’ll want to employ a recovery program to enable you to un-delete it.

Applications such as: Recuva, Active Uneraser and EaseUS Data Recovery have the ability to run a speedy search for recently deleted files and initiate a more time-consuming yet thorough scan to unearth older ones.

EaseUS Data Recovery, available for Windows and macOS, restores files from internal and external hard drives, USB sticks, RAID configurations, MP3 players, SD cards, camcorders, cameras and more; Photo: Twitter

Using these programs, you can run a fast search for recently deleted files and carry out a more time-consuming but rigorous scan to dig up aged ones.

You may scan external media, such as SD cards and USB drives, and too your computer’s internal disk.

With Active Uneraser you can recover files from your hard drive, external drives, USB sticks and SD cards; Photo by: Techguru

Going forward, of course, you should back up essential documents always and other files on a frequent basis.

But as far as mending damage that’s been done, these 3 apps do a swell job extracting a deleted file from your PC.


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