A “USO” (Unidentified Sea Object) Discovered Thanks to Google Earth – But What the Hell is it?

A "USO" (Unidentified Sea Object) Discovered Thanks to Google Maps - But What the Hell is it?

Despite the fact that most people just use it to look at their homes from space (don’t act like you’ve never done it), Google Earth has courted it’s fair share of controversy over the years.

There’s been multiple death hoaxes and endless other creepy finds from around the world since the programme launched in 2001, and now we can add a “USO” to that list.

Found off the coast of Greece, this strange object can be seen hiding beneath the waves only metres from the shore of Michaniona, Thessaloniki.

Circular in nature, the object seems to include smaller circles towards its centre. First shared on Disclose.TV, the finder claims that by his measurements the USO is about 220ft long.

In the video, the user he says: “This USO was spotted in The Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece and here are the Coordinates 40°27’4.62″ 22°51’39.78” so you guys can check it out for yourself.

“I did also take some measurements using the ruler on google earth and this object is of 220 feet long.”

Still, what actually is it?

Video commentors have suggested the object could be everything from a former lighthouse, to a volcanic crater, and even just a mound of underwater dirt.

One commentator was more than a bit confused by the USO’s location, writing: “That is weird. All around topography looks rough, deep. Nothing in the area looks remotely like that object.

“Its shape also seems too symmetrical. There is a harbour some distance to the north. Is it possibly connected to that structure?”

While another suggested someone should dive down there and check it out: “It possible to find out if to dive in there. Someone had to make sure already.”

With how close the object is to the shore, it’s surprising no one has come across the USO before. We give it an hour before the conspiracy theories start rolling in.

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