America Ready For Another Civil War? Brawl Happens On Trump’s Hollywood Star Due To ‘N-Word’

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Trump’s Hollywood star is probably no stranger to discord right now. Recently, it was just ruined where the walk of fame star was pickaxed to oblivion. Now, a fisticuff just happened on the star between some Trump supporters and people who apparently hated them and what they represented. Before that, here is the video of someone destroying the Trump Hollywood star.

As for the brawl, it began apparently because some people got offended by Slightly Offensive host and apparent Trump Supporter Elijah Schaffer. He and company were at the U.S. President’s Hollywood star. Schaffer was also wearing a Trump jersey and hat. Other sources claimed that there were arguments over the use of the “n-word” which supposedly sparked off the big brawl. Here it is caught on camera:

It can be seen on the video that things were already getting heated up. There was another angle, courtesy of TMZ, which documented the beginning of the brawl, as well as the prior events leading up to the riot. No one got arrested though.

This is certainly not the first time something chaotic happened involving Trump’s name or supporters. Here is another one between an allegedly far-right Trump supporter group Patriot Prayer and anti-Trump group Antifa:

This is one of Portland’s most violent protest riot in the Trump era with nine people being arrested as a result. Every year, more protest riots are erupting in the Trump administration between his supporters and Trump protesters. The situation is expected to become worse with people becoming more divided as Trump enacts his immigration policies further. It is worth noting that some of these policies condone the act of separating children from their parents as well as detaining the immigrant children.

One could wonder what the future holds for American citizens with this much division due to the current administration.

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