These Students In The Philippines Are Literally Risking Their Lives Just To Get Education

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A lot of us hate school, there is no denying it, sitting in a classroom all day is not exactly what most fortunate youths today want to do with their time. However, we were probably spoiled by the fact that our education is readily available and only costs money and time. Some students are immensely less fortunate with the added cost of their young lives just for education.

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Such is the case for children in one municipality in Davao, the Philippines where elementary students have to cross whitewater rapids and slippery hiking trails just to get to school. Some of them even went the extra mile and carried the school chairs on their backs just so the poor third-world school would receive its chair supplies. Watch their story below:

The chairs were delivered to another distant municipality and not to their destinations because the path to the school was still rural and mountainous with no roads. The students who had to carry the chairs up and down the mountains even had to device a way to get them across a raging river. That is when they invented the improvised cable car made out of bamboo and ropes.

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That is actually a dangerous thing to do for children their ages. However, most of them have no choice since they are poor and education is the only safe and legal way they can raise their families from poverty. Their elementary school, despite getting its new set of chairs, is also quite poor and have scarce supplies and teachers but they make do with whatever they have and their extremely hardworking students.

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This is just one of the many cases among millions of poor children in the country working hard and risking their lives just to get an education. A lot of them, as well as their schools, need help. Perhaps we fortunate ones can do something about it, right? Having accessible education and all.

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