Women Are Sharing Their Stories of Being Stalked to Stop it Happening to Others

Women Are Sharing Their Stories of Being Stalked to Stop it Happening to Others
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This week, UK-based women’s magazine Broadly launched their “Unfollow Me” campaign to raise awarness about stalking.

The movement was inspired by the death of 24-year-old Alice Ruggles in 2016. Ruggles was murdered by her ex-boyfriend Trimaan Dhillion, who broke into her home and slit her throat. This happened despite the fact that Ruggles had reported her abusive ex to the police twice, after Dhillion relentlessly stalked and harrassed her after their split. It was later discovered that Dhillion had a history of abuse, which was not picked up on by police.

Sadly, Ruggles wasn’t a rare case. An investigation by Broadly discovered that 49 women are killed every week by partners, ex-partners, or stalkers even though they had previously informed the police about their attacker. This is because there are no fixed rules for monitoring the behaviour of stalkers in the UK, which leaves women at risk, but also because police aren’t taking victims seriously.

Zing Tsjeng, Editor of Broadly, hopes the campaign will encourage the creation of a stalking register to prevent serial offenders from harrassing other women, as well as force police to take women more seriously when they come to them for help.

Inspired by the campaign, women are sharing their own experiences of being stalked, and it makes for some pretty hard reading

One women recounted her horrifying ordeal in a heartbreaking Twitter thread

And it’s not just men that stalk

Some were concerned that their abuser is free to stalk others

While some noted that it’s not just women’s responsibility to keep this behaviour in check

Want to help? You can sign this petition.

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