YouTubers Record Song Using Only A Cave And Mic, The Results Are Better Than Sound Studio’s

Photo by YouTube/Average Jonas

Who needs fancy opera halls and impressive sound studio setups when good-old fashioned nature can yield a nice and affordable reverb? People who have been practicing echoes in mountains are certainly familiar to this. Nature does provide everything we need, even music effects.

A group of guys from YouTube went the extra mile and recorded an opera singer’s performance in a cave. Well, not inside, but at its mouth, with no other equipment but a portable recording mic and an accordion to complement the opera voice. Watch how it turned out in the video below:

That was just beautiful, the cave I mean, oh and also the voice. The accordion is also quite a masterpiece. As you can see, the vocalist did not even need to sing directly into the recording mic. And for a YouTube video, the sound quality is just superb and dramatic, much like in a real opera house.

Photo by Apartments in Budapest

It is certainly no coincidence that theaters and enclosed musical stages are shaped like caves. Gotta keep that reverb pure and natural. In any case, the video editors admitted that the only editing they did was for the video, the sound did not even need to be touched at all. That is quite impressive considering they only used two identical portable recording microphones. Here is another song done in a theater for comparison, notice the difference in quality:

Same singer by the way, and same guys. It is worth noting that the cave opera song was only the beginning of their nature-setting audio stint. So there is surely more to come, make sure to keep watch in their channel if you are interested. Now if only we could hold concerts and musicals in cave mouths…

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