Japanese’ Treatment Of Airport Baggage Is Leaving The Internet Bamboozled

Photo by YouTube/Nihongo Wakaranai

Anyone who has been on a flight with a significant baggage (actual baggage, not emotional) has probably feared for the safety of their luggage, suitcases, and carry-ons. It is certainly no secret that a lot of airport staff treat your airport baggage like it was a hot potato to be thrown around. Here is one example:

Yikes, say goodbye to that bottle of wine or them precious watches. Here’s another one:

So, because of how popular and widespread this issue is, we have grown accustomed to them. People rarely pack in fragile goods in their baggage, or rarely buy expensive luggage or suitcases. After all, if there ever was an airport where baggage is handled with care by the staff, that would have been on another planet… right?

Photo by Pensacola International Airport

It turns, out, there is actually such a place on Earth, and it is in Japan, who would have thought? Reddit is actually losing its mind over how fragile the baggage handlers are in one Japanese airport caught on camera. Here’s the video below:

If only parents can handle children’s childhoods as fragile as these Japanese airport staff handle baggage, the world would be a better place– but I digress. Some people in Reddit were even in disbelief at how Japanese airport staff handled the baggage with such care and patience:

Photo by Reddit

Now, in other airports’ defense, they claimed that time was of the utmost essence. So the staff could not be bothered with proper baggage care. Japan, however, kinda proved them wrong. Perhaps the problem was with the inherent faulty airport systems, and not with the employees, or perhaps it is a combination of both, regardless, Japan is certainly a good example of airport service that everyone should follow.

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