Trump Yelling “GET ME A COKE PLEASE” at a Staffer is Now an Hilarious Meme

Trump Yelling "GET ME A COKE PLEASE" at a Staffer is Now an Hilarious Meme

Donald Trump has been caught playing away more than once since he was elected president two years ago, thanks to reports of non-disclosure agreements signed by former mistresses leaking out. First it was revealed that adult-film actress Stormy Daniels had signed an NDA in 2016, supposedly to cover up an affair with the 72-year-old back in 2011. Then earlier this year, it was discovered that Playboy model Karen McDougal had also signed a similar agreement, allegedly to hide an affair that took place just months after his son Barron was born.

Although the salicious details are exciting enough on their own, they by far aren’t the best thing to come out of Trump’s multiple sex scandals. This week a secret recording of Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen was made public, in which the pair are heard discussing his NDA with McDougal. Recorded in 2016, when Trump was running for office, he and his lawyer are pondering buying the rights to McDougal’s 2006 kiss and tell, which was eventually bought by pro-Trump organisation American Media for $150,000.

Although when the recording exclusively aired on Cumo Primetime, the sordid details weren’t the part listeners were most interested in. While casually debating buying the rights to the story, Trump can be heard shouting “Get me a coke, please!” and oh how the internet LOL’d.

Now, this amazing comedy moment has become a meme, which we’re sure he and his ego are thrilled about.

Some pointed out the hypocrisy

While others got creative with captions

Some were just shocked that Trump used his manners

Wait, is Coke in on the game?

Still, every president needs a quote to be remembered by

It’s still an improvement on “grab ’em by the pussy.”

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