Trump Isn’t Stupid, He’s Trying To Get Out Of Being President

Trump Trying To Get Impeached

Anyone who remembers the look on Donald Trump’s face when it was announced that he won the presidential election knows that he never intended to win. It was likely a promotional stunt gone terribly, terribly wrong. Since Trump has far too much pride, there’s no way he’d ever admit that he was in over his head and step down. So, instead, he has been doing everything possible to get himself impeached. From affairs and prostitution to bribery and treason, Trump has done it all. It’s almost like he sat down at his computer, Googling “how to get impeached” between sending out his idiotic tweets and he has been following the necessary steps ever since. Here’s all the proof you need that Trump is trying to get out of being president.

Trump Probably Worked With Russia

Trump Trying To Get Impeached

It’s my firm belief that Trump was colluding with Russia from the start, but to rig the election so that he would lose. In order for his self-promotion to be successful, he would need to attempt to run for president but not become elected. Whether his needs were somehow lost in translation or Russia took this opportunity to screw the United States, it would certainly explain his look of surprise when realizing he’d be moving to Washington, D.C. For all we know, Putin was determined to play a prank on Trump, since we all know that they’re besties these days. But Trump can’t admit his collusion, because he’ll likely end up in prison. So, he had to find other ways around what he had done.

Trump Fired F.B.I. Director James Comey

Trump Trying To Get Impeached

We all know that Trump has more experience than most when it comes to firing people, but firing F.B.I. Director James Comey was suspicious, to say the least. Comey just so happened to be investigating Russia’s involvement in the election at the time and was trying to determine whether or not Trump had worked with them. Covering his ass by firing Comey should have been all that was needed to prove his guilt and get him out of the office, especially considering that Trump is only the second president in history to do this. Instead, Trump is still stuck waking up each morning in his own personal hell swearing up and down that he had nothing to do with fixing the election.

Trump Make His Racism Known

Trump Trying To Get Impeached

Trump couldn’t possibly make it more clear that he wants the world to believe he’s a bigot. He has done everything in his power to indicate that, unless you’re as pale as him, he couldn’t care less about you. Trump’s actions have been despicable, and perhaps intentional. Everything from separating children from their parents at the Mexican border, preventing transgender men and women from entering the military, putting a Muslim ban in place, screwing Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and giving NFL players crap for simply kneeling demonstrates his white supremacist agenda, and should be more than enough to get him impeached. Somehow, he’s still hanging in a thread.

Trump Went Public With His Affairs

Trump Trying To Get Impeached

Is it a coincidence that Trump was able to keep his affairs under wraps for so many years and they just happened to come out during his presidency? Perhaps. But maybe he leaked this information himself. It worked for Bill Clinton, so why couldn’t it work for him? The only thing is, Trump doesn’t want to go down in history as the guy who got impeached for sleeping with an intern. He wants to go down for banging some of the hottest women in the world, and in his mind, that’s porn stars. Instead of getting impeached, however, he was only praised further by his moronic supporters.

Trump Bribed The Women He Slept With

Trump Trying To Get Impeached

When Trump’s numerous affairs weren’t enough to get him kicked out of office, details surrounding these hookups came out that really should have gotten him impeached. He not only tried to pay several women for sex, but he also paid for their silence upon planning his presidential campaign. While he might have been hoping the release of this information would bite him in the ass, it has yet to have much of an effect on his presidency. If anything, it has only gained him cool points and launched Stormy Daniels’ career into overdrive.

Trump Has Made Literally No Effort As President

Trump Trying To Get Impeached

Reports from inside the White House have accused Trump of being basically useless. He gives NFL players crap for not standing during the National Anthem when he can’t even stand up off his couch to handle his presidential duties. Trump has been reported refusing to read his daily intelligence briefing, spending hours on the clock watching television, disrupting negotiations with Congress, and tweeting important policy information. He has also spent most of his weekends vacationing and playing golf, clearly making no effort at the whole president thing. Likely he figures if he just doesn’t do the job, someone else will until he’s eventually impeached.

Trump Makes Friends With All The Wrong People

Trump Trying To Get Impeached

Trump wants us all to think he’s on the road to forming a dictatorship in the United States, and he’s doing this by befriending the cruelest leaders in the world. He might be claiming his meetings with Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin are all about amending strained relationships overseas, but perhaps he’s actually hoping it makes him look unstable. If people start to think that Trump’s decisions can’t be trusted because he’s making connections like these, then they might start to think that he’s not suitable for his role as president, giving him exactly what he wants. A chance to get out of the White House and back to his old life.

So, maybe Donald Trump is just an absolute moron with no regard for the consequences of his actions, but maybe he’s doing it all intentionally. Maybe he’s running around doing the worst possible job as president hoping that eventually one of his efforts will catch the right person’s attention and get him canned. Anything to get back to his partying ways with Playboy’s finest!


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