This Japanese Student’s Action Figures Are Made Out Of The Weirdest Components Ever

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Say what you will about Japan, but the country has actually invented and made a lot of things Western people love. They also made a lot of things for themselves like earthquake-proof buildings and fireproof wood. One high school student from the country, though, was a lot more creative than the rest and made buggy action figures.

Buggy, as in…? | Photo by Twitter

By buggy, we meant literal bugs, insects. He made action figures out of insects.

Meet Twitter user @ride_hero, he is the Japanese student in question and is the genius behind the insect action figures. To be more specific, they are actually leftover Cicada husks, so no insects were actually harmed in making those action figures. Since it is Summer in Japan, Cicadas are growing fast and in big numbers. As they age, they shed their shells and carapaces, leaving the environment with a lot of leftover Cicada husks lying around.

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Twitter user @ride_hero thought of a better use for them and voila, action figures straight out of the Kamen Rider anime. Some are even accurate depictions of more expensive plastic action figures. He also named his creations and gave compelling backstories for them, as @ride_hero stated: “He invaded the earth and survives as the fittest of the bug world.” The text also states that the creature is weak to fire, much like its Cicada ancestors.

However, this was not the first time that someone made a sculpture out of disposed Cicada husks. Back in 2016, Twitter was ravaged (not really), by Cicada Godzilla! There he is below.

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