Woman Tries To Waterski Barefoot, Gets Launched Into The Sky & Disappears


Although seldomly mentioned, water skiing presents certain dangers to both men and women.

Photo by: Aquaskier

Aside from the apparent dangers of drowning or colliding with a propeller, serious injuries to the vagina, perineum or rectum can take place when a water skier falls into the water at high speed.

Knee injury may be the top injury that occurs during water skiing. This happens due to the rate of the speed. When you get some abnormal speed or unbalancing position, there is a strong chance that you may release the rope from the boat. It will cause you to abruptly push in the water and result in a revolving crash. If the area enclosed a low level of the water or if it’s a constrictive place or some tree at the shore or any analogous object, you are going to hit it straightaway with force. This may result in severe injury. Furthermore, the lower body, particularly the knee and foot joint may suffer most. The joint may get space because of the force and you may be reduced to total bed rest for several weeks or months.

Photo by: Times Higher Education

Another danger of water skiing is the crash of the tow boat. This sporting activity involves speed so that the skier can float over the water in a rhythmic and balanced manner. Giving the tow boat driver losses his balance or there is unexpected breakage of the rope, the boat must be at the adequate distance from the either sides of the shore so that there is no damage or casualty.

Photo by: Atomic Gator

With all of that said, the lady in the following video evidently didn’t get the memo about the dangers of skiing on the water — let alone doing it barefoot!

To view barefoot woman water skier get launched into the stratosphere, CLICK HERE.


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