The Obese Miss Butterworth Turned Her Life Around After A Year Of Weight Loss Program

Photo by Asheville Humane Society

We often hear and see a lot of weight loss success stories from human beings and they are as inspiring as can be. Well, not to discredit the hard work of all those weight losers out there, you guys deserve respect. It is just that you all got nothing on a one Miss Butterworth, and she is not even human. This is her right below, now a healthy Corgi-Chihuahua mix.

Miss Butterworth has lost exactly 11 lbs., that is nearly 5 kilograms for you metric guys out there. Now, I know what you’re thinking, 11 pounds in one year is a mediocre weight loss rate. However, Miss Butterworth is a dog, and as such, they use dog measurements, such as dog years, dog portions, dog days, “good boy,” etc. So those 11 lbs.  are pure unadulterated dog weight, and that is impressive for a Miss Butterworth’s breed which usually weighs in at 15 lbs.

It can be recalled that Miss Butterworth made quite a bit of buzz last year. She became known as the overweight shelter dog at Asheville Humane Society who began a life-changing quest to lose weight in order to be fit for adoption. Well, a year later, Miss Butterworth did not gain a single pound, rather, she gained a new forever home!

She is now enjoying her new life with Paula and Daryl Fox. It is worth noting that Miss Butterworth was rescued and put on a shelter after her former owner passed away. Back then, she weighed 20 lbs. and was diagnosed as morbidly obese. Now she just weighs in at 12 lbs. and is a normal and happy good girl, how’s that for a weight loss story?

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