Badass Women Who Took Down Men Trying To Cop A Feel

Badass Women

Attention all creepy perverts who get off groping women:

We aren’t taking your shit anymore! Women are sending a clear message to those who try to cop a feel, and it has men finally considering to keep their hands to themselves. Our bodies are ours, and we say who can touch them and who can not. It seems some guys are finally starting to realize this, and those who don’t, well they get what they deserve. Check out how these badass women took down the men trying to cop a feel.

Reporter Maria Fernanda Mora

When Maria Fernanda Mora was reporting on a local win against Toronto at Guadalajara stadium, she was approached by fans who seemed excited about their team’s victory. She allows them to shout in her face and knock her around a bit during their celebrations, all while remaining professional and continuing with her report. One of the men then gropes her, and her reaction is spot on. Mora smacked him several times with her microphone, to which the man looks surprised by her reaction. Even the other men look shocked, as none of them realized what was happening just inches from them. She defended her actions, rightfully so, saying “What happened to me at dawn on Thursday, happens to thousands of women every day in public spaces. The difference is that it happened to me during a live link on television and I decided to defend myself … I thought it could be an accidental rubbing because of people’s pushing and I kept talking to the camera. This guy, emboldened because I did not react and kept doing my job, put his hand between my buttocks twice more. I decided to defend myself.” She should have hit him harder in my opinion.

Emelia Holden

This recent viral video shows a young waitress named Emelia Holden being violated by a customer before bodyslamming him, leaving him shocked and hopefully humiliated. The police were called and the man shown in the video, Ryan Cherwinski, spent two nights in jail and was charged with sexual battery. What makes this whole scenario even sicker is the fact that Cherwinski was at the restaurant with his girlfriend of 11 years who he has twin daughters with. You’d think that a man whose future will include protecting his daughters from men like himself would be better behaved.

This Badass Unidentified Woman

We can’t even go food shopping without being harassed. This unidentified woman was roaming the fruit aisle of a supermarket when a man approached her. His face is covered with his t-shirt, possibly in anticipation of there being security cameras in the store. After grabbing her rear, the woman hardly seems surprised. Likely it’s not the first time a man thought he had the right to put his hands on her without permission. She gives him a swift kick in the back powerful enough to send him flying to the floor. It must have been painful because he rolls around on the floor for quite a while.

Madeline Anello-Kitzmiller

Madeline Anello-Kitzmiller was at a New Zealand festival when a man took it upon himself to run up to her and grab her breast from behind. The 20-year-old was heavily criticized for being topless, only covering her breasts with some paint and glitter. Why? Because it’s fecking adorable and why the hell not? Men walk around without their shirts on all the time and women don’t run after them trying to pinch their nipples. Women should be able to do the same. After the man groped Anello-Kitzmiller, her and her friend followed him back to where he sat down with his friends (as if he did nothing wrong) and beat the hell out of him. This wasn’t the first time she was assaulted at the same festival. The day prior to this incident she said she was wearing a sheer top and several men and women felt they had the right to feel her up. As for her badass beat down she said, “I stand by my actions and hope that I’ve inspired women to feel comfortable in their bodies, no matter how they look, and to stick up for themselves when anybody says otherwise or tries to deny you the right to protect your own body.”

Rania F.

In Egypt, sexual harassment is so prevalent that a 2013 study found that 99.3% of women throughout the country had experienced it at least once. What’s worse is that assaults are rarely done discretely and those who see it happening do nothing to stop it. Well, a 20-year-old Egyptian woman named Rania F. has helped to put an end to that. After being groped in broad daylight on the street, she took things into her own hands. Rania chased the man down, hitting him repeatedly with her bag and her fists even after several other men got involved. Eventually, the police arrested the man, and he was later sentenced to three years in prison. Women all across Egypt are seeing this as a historical moment for their country as it’s rare to see a sexual assault charge go to trial let alone for a man to be sentenced.

Unidentified Badass In An Elevator

The video of this unidentified woman defending herself in an elevator in China went viral for all the right reasons. After the creep in the elevator with her attempts to cop a feel not once, but twice, she takes action. She first pushes his hand away before smacking him in the face, kneeing him in the nuts, and then again in the face. The unidentified woman’s swift moves are so accurate that either she’s seriously committed to martial arts or this video was some kind of choreographed stunt. Either way, this woman is a total badass!

Another Unidentified Badass In An Elevator

This unidentified woman was minding her own business in an elevator when a man riding with her lunges in front of her, preventing her from leaving. She doesn’t even wait for his intentions to become clear and starts beating the crap out of him. At some point, it appears like she’s slamming his head on the floor. When the elevator doors open again and the man attempts to flee, she even drags him back in to give him more. We’ll never know if the man intended to rob her or worse, but it’s likely he regretted his decision as she followed him out of the elevator and likely continued to give him hell.

So, men, what’s the lesson here? Don’t touch a woman without her permission, or you might just get your ass beat!


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