Mercedes-Benz Tries Selling Smart Cars On Microblogging Service

Sina Weibo Smart Car

Mercedes-Benz believes web users are willing to buy vehicles off a social network and its testing that theory by offering a limited edition Smart Car on the Sina Weibo microblogging service in China.

The car manufacturer is selling 666 cars at a cost of $12,700 each.

Mercedes-Benz has launched a Weibo app that is currently accepting submissions for a chance to buy the vehicle which kicked off sales on Friday.

Daniel Lescow, head of Mercedes-Benz China’s smart vehicle division, tells China Daily:

“It is the first time an automobile brand is offering its products in such an innovative sales approach.”

While Mercedes-Benz admits it would like to sell all 666 vehicles the company says the sale more of an attempt to engage customers on social media.

Sina Weibo is China’s largest microblogging service with 400 million users.

Weibo is no stranger to product sales having recently sold Xiaomi smartphones. Sina Weibo is also working on in-feed advertising solutions for its massive microblogging platform.

James Kosur

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