This Meatball From The U.K. Is The Only Acapella YouTuber You Will Ever Need

Photo by YouTube/I do voices

Ahh, the YouTube acapella category, if you have been living under a rock, these are videos of a single or more person(s) doing several voices in different divided clips spun together in one cohesive video. So it appears that that one person or group is being a one-man band, depending on how good they are. There are lots of them, some are impressive:

And then there are YouTubers like these:

I know, make it stop right? The cringe is deadly on that one. But then, there is this kid from the U.K. who may be a prodigy in YouTube acapellas…

Are those not the chubbiest and most squeezable cheeks you have ever seen? It appears he got his idea from this video:

Awesome, there is no denying that the one from the kid is millions of miles better, of course. He has his own channel if you want to rid yourself of the bad taste from sub-par acapellas, it is called I do voices. He certainly can do. Check out some of his videos, this one is his cover of the iconic Game of Thrones opening sequence:

Yeah, hopefully, he did not have to watch Game of Thrones to do that, that show is definitely not for kids. So, in comparison, here is one that is less epic and less charismatic from the one above:

And the kid’s most famous video yet, the theme song of the campy 1995 Mortal Kombat movie. You can feel the energy and the dedication in this one, test your might (or was it mic?) and get ready to sing along with him:

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