Converse Features ‘Stranger Things’ Actress In A Commercial, But There Is Something Wrong With It

Photo by YouTube/CONVERSE

By now, most of us probably know Millie Bobby Brown right? ‘Eleven’ from the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things?’ Definitely, a must-see if you have not.

Anyway, because of that iconic role, she has become one of the most relevant child actresses in Western media. So it would only make sense for some of the biggest corporations and businesses to employ her in a promotion. This promotion from Converse to be exact:

Nice story and a good message about society’s repressive treatment of women. However, Converse might have opened a can of worms with their shoe commercial. If you have not noticed it, this little detail in the background has a lot of car safety pundits pulling their hairs out in stress:

Photo by YouTube/CONVERSE

So yeah, the message may be for the good of society but theoretically, if that car collides into something, Millie’s knees will apparently bash straight into her skull, or at the very least, she would require an extensive and complicated knee surgery. She is an acclaimed actress though so that probably might not be a problem for her, financially.

Photo by Allure

However, it might be a problem for people who might do the same thing as her just because Converse told her to put her feet on the dashboard for that shot of red high-cut Chuck’s. At least, this is what some people in Reddit and YouTube comments who have seen the video thought of Millie’s pose in the commercial. It’s not like fans don’t copy what their favorite celebrities do in commercials and TV shows right? Particularly young fans?

In any case, it was probably Converse’s idea, and Millie is not to blame. What do you think of Converse’s commercial involving Millie? Feel free to discuss below.

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