Dictionary.com is Back to Dissing Donald Trump and Twitter Can’t Handle it

Dictionary.com is Back to Dissing Donald Trump and People Can't Handle it
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After a brief detour to throw shade at “self-made” Kylie Jenner, Dictionary.com‘s Twitter account is back to doing what it does best – making fun of Donald Trump.

Not that the President needed much help embarassing himself during his Europe trip. After insulting neighboring country Germany during his stay in Brussels and annoying Queen Elizabeth while in the UK, Trump rounded the tour off by meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland.

Dictionary.com is Back to Dissing Donald Trump and People Can't Handle it
Source: Vanity Fair

It was here things got really messy. Backlash against Trump was swift after the 72-year-old appeared to accept Putin’s denial over Russia’s alledged meddling in 2016 US election. He has since flip-flopped on the issue, calling it a transcript error, but not before the internet dubbed him a traitor.

And of course, Dictionary.com waded in with a number of tweets, including the definitions for “patriot” and “traitor.”

And although the account didn’t use Trump’s name, it was pretty obvious who they were talking about

Unsurprisingly, people were over the moon and showing their support for the rogue Twitter account

A toast to Dictionary.com, Twitter’s Master of Shade!


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