Oops! That New Instagram “Question” Feature Isn’t Anonymous After All

Oops! That New Instagram "Question" Feature Isn't Anonymous After All

Social media users are fickle creatures, which is why networks are always coming up with gimmicks to draw in new ones. This is also probably why Instagram unveiled its new question and answer feature this week, in a vain attempt to hold on to its flightly fan base.

The latest add-on is similar to retro Q&A sites such as Formspring (R.I.P), where teens could ask each other anonymous questions back in the early 2000s, with the responses posted publically. Many users utilised the site for innocent reasons, like asking whether “blank had a crush on blank and what not.” Unfortunately, others used it as a tool for cyberbullying. In fact, the sites were still being blamed for teen suicides as recently as 2013, thanks to the more recent incarnation, Ask.fm.

Oops! That New Instagram "Question" Feature Isn't Anonymous After All

However, Instagram seems to have found a way around this penchant for secretive cyberbullying. Unlike other Q&A forums, the Instagram version allows users to see the handle of whoever is posing them a question. This hasn’t been made obvious, with the image-sharing site telling users their handle won’t be posted if the question is shared. Although it is true that if the recipient shares your question publically your username will remain anonymous, but the receiver themselves will still know.

This has led to several Instagrammers assuming anonymity when asking questions, not realising that the recipient knows it’s them the whole time.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter is now filled with stories of incognito naughtiness gone awry

Just one more reason to not be a d*ck on the internet!

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