This Guy Can Eat 4,000 Calories Per Day And Stay Ripped, You Wanna Be Him Don’t You?

Photo by Blake Horton

There are lots of things you would want to trade your soul to a devil for. Eternal life, limitless wealth, invisibility, super strength, and the ability to eat whatever you want without taxing your health. The last one is most important for the adults of urban life. Because realizing that you are not 21 anymore and will not be able to down 10 burritos on a Friday night can be quite an epiphany.

Then, there is this guy named Blake Horton who makes life difficult for most of us. You see, Blake can eat more than 4,000 calories worth of food every day and still maintain his shape, what shape is that? Olympian physique, apparently. Below are just some examples of the food Blake eats every day.

Honestly, I do not even know what to call half of those.

He appears to be a mukbang practitioner, a social media category where the host eats a surreal amount of food for the viewer’s pleasure.

At the same time, he also seems to promote fitness and is a gym buff. So that’s two birds with one stone for Blake. After all, he would need to burn all those calories, and Blake’s metabolism seems to be agreeing with him too, how can one be so lucky right?

Blake has also inspired a new breed of people who want to start working out. Mostly people who need to workout but still want to eat tons of food. Apparently, he also has his own diet plan called #TheBlakeDiet, best of both worlds, right? So what do you guys think of Blake’s diet? Feel free to discuss below.

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