YouTuber Shows What It’s Like To Love One Armed Girl Megan Absten In Comedy Video

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Disabilities, like those that amputees experience can be a downer, especially if it happens to adults. It can be rather unfortunate that you get handicapped by accident over something you did not choose. However, one girl named Megan Absten is not letting her disability get the best of her.

She even enlisted the help of her YouTuber friend Charles Ross, a.k.a. RossCreations who specializes in YouTube comedy videos. Suffice to say, Megan, is also a YouTuber herself, though not as popular as Charles, so they are helping each other out with content. Their latest stint is a video about a supposed relationship with an amputee. It comes with all the puns and jokes bundled in a package.

On one hand, they seem to be having fun together in the video, on the other… well, I digress. But their comedy is quite hilarious for sure and it is good to know that Megan is taking her life in a positive direction. She did admit that she had to go through a grief phase because she was actually a star athlete before she lost her arm in an accident back when she was just 14.

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As for Charles, a.k.a. RossCreations, he seems to be going out of his way to help Megan not only become a YouTube star but also to spread hope for handicapped people. Charles also has a lot of other YouTube comedy videos, though unfortunately, he only recently partnered up with Megan for comedy. Still, some of them are funny even without her. Be sure to check out both their channels in YouTube.

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