This 8-Year-Old Japanese Girl Can Play Led Zeppelin Better Than You

Photo by Facebook/かねあいよよか

The legendary Led Zeppelin rock band may have disbanded, but the spirit of their music rocks on ever so persistently. There are some nice covers and performances out there which would have made the former band members proud. Then there is this young Japanese girl who hit the ball out of the park.

Sorry Led Zeppelin fans, no matter how good you are, you just can’t beat an 8-year-old-Japanese-girl-drummer level of good. Her name is Yoyoka Soma and she is a child prodigy, no doubt about that. At such a young age, she aspires to be the best drummer in the world, let’s hope Whiplash does not break her though.

Regardless, Yoyoka actually came from good musical stock; her parents are musicians too and had a home studio with various types of musical instruments. So that means from birth up until her current age, she has been listening to her parents’ music and performances. Now, how’s that for excellent parenting?

Apparently, this made Yoyoka eager to join her parents in their performances. At this rate though, we would not be surprised if she surpasses them, Yoyoka has definitely displayed at least adept skill levels with drums. That alone is something budding musicians find hard to do as adults and Yoyoka has achieved it as a child.

Also, the lead singer and lyricist of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant has been stunned by Yoyoka’s performance. Yoyoka did cite Led Zeppelin’s lead drummer, the late John Bonham, as her main inspiration for choosing the drums. So watch out rock and roll, a new drummer Goddess is on its way to beat drums and competitions.

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