Watch Hundreds Of Cute Newly Hatched Baby Sea Turtles Race To The Water

Photo by YouTube/National Geographic

It is an unfortunate predicament for a species to have most of their variations declared as endangered. This is exactly the case for sea turtles. A combination of poaching for their eggs, meat, skin, and shells, habitat destruction, and human intervention has caused the mass endangerment of this rather harmless species.

So it can be a rather comforting thing to see a whole new generation of turtles emerge from their nest. One such video showing this has been taken by a man named Winston Plaza on the beach of Mati, Davao Oriental, Philippines just recently. The guy, along with a group of beach-goers, were lucky enough to have stumbled upon and witnessed a legion of cute baby sea turtles fresh from their eggshells.

The little rascals can be seen racing towards the water where they will brave the elements of nature, predators, and human beings, just to survive on their own. They are the hope and salvation for their species and are on their way to save sea turtle-kind.

According to Plaza, the baby turtles belong to the Olive Ridley sea turtle species, named after their shell color. They are not endangered yet but are considered vulnerable with their population currently on the decline. Still, they are the most abundant of all sea turtles in the world despite their population status.

Photo by Facebook/Winston Plaza

Like all sea turtles though, they are generally solitary creatures and will spend most of their time in the wild alone, only meeting with other turtles for reproduction.

Not all of those cute little baby turtles will survive, such is the will nature and humanity, though at least it is good knowing that all of them had a chance in the wild.

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