Bad Lip Reading Fixed Fergie’s Disastrous Star Spangled Banner, Now She’s Singing About Bread

Photo by MLG Highlights
Photo by MLG Highlights

The 4th of July has just passed and we have witnessed some of the most patriotic performances of the Star Spangled Banner. Now it may be one of the hardest and songs to sing given how some singers manage to botch it live. There are also some who have no trouble singing it at all, so at the same time, it can also be one of the easiest songs to perform.

That was not the case for Fergie back in February 2018 when she performed the Star Spangled Banner in a National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Star game. It can be recalled that the acclaimed singer, songwriter, actress, and Grammy winner’s version of the American National Anthem was not that well received.

She even apologized for it but had to explain that she was an artist who was willing to take a risk. A risk she took indeed, her performance was one of the main highlights of this year’s meme culture. So much so, that a YouTube channel named Bad Lip Reading had to fix her supposedly awful rendition.

Here is Fergie’s Nobody Wants My Bread, courtesy of Bad Lip Reading:

As for what the hell the lyrics even mean, well, we leave that up to the viewers. It is, however, notably less cringy than Fergie’s Star Spangled Banner, so at least there’s that.

Photo by MLG Highlights

Now if you do compare the like to dislike ratio between Fergie’s Nobody Likes My Bread and her Star Spangled Banner, the numbers speak for themselves. It’s the people choice, Nobody Likes My Bread is better than Fergie’s Star Spangled Banner, now if only someone can inform her of this, maybe she can come up with a new album or solo.

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