Hilarious Memes That Show Feminism Isn’t For Everyone

Feminism Isn't For Everyone

It’s a new era for women. Our voices are finally being heard on tough topics like rape, assault, and sexual harassment in the workplace, but not everyone is on board with these changes. Even in 2018 people still associate feminism with man-hating, lesbians who’ve permanently ditched their razors and burned all of their bras. While that couldn’t be further from the truth, it has become apparent that feminism isn’t for everyone. These hilarious memes prove that.

Feminism Leads To Witchcraft

Feminism Isn't For Everyone

Televangelist Pat Robertson is a nut job who is best known for having the most sexist and homophobic public quotes probably ever. Oh and he’s also some kind of minister who hosts that creepy late-night Christian conservative show “The 700 Club.” Likely you’ve seen it and immediately changed the channel once his dreary voice hit your ears. You might remember him asking for a vomit button on Facebook to use on pictures depicting gay couples. He seems to feel similarly toward feminist women as he has accused them of leaving their husbands to become lesbians, practicing witchcraft, killing their children, and destroying capitalism. I must have missed the feminism meetings when these subjects were discussed.

A Slut For A Mom

Feminism Isn't For Everyone

This woman might be a picketing feminist with the best intentions, but seeing a toddler walk around with a sign that calls his mom a slut is quite surprising. Women have been trying to reclaim these kinds of sexist slurs for decades, but this woman took it to a whole new level. Her intentions were in the right place, but it doesn’t seem like she understands what feminism is all about. Perhaps she should leave her sign slogans to someone else in the future.

A Wage Gap Feminist Bakesale

Feminism Isn't For Everyone

Some men are truly clueless. Feminism fights for equality, so it makes perfect sense that for every dollar men spend on a brownie, women should only have to pay $0.75. These numbers accurately depict the gender wage gap, but of course, when the salary difference doesn’t work out in their favor, they have something to say. This aspect of feminism has clearly gone over some people’s heads. Perhaps if we initiated this kind of payment policy across major corporations women would finally get the salaries they deserve.

Feminist Men Are Like Jewish Nazis

Feminism Isn't For Everyone

I didn’t realize that as a feminist my goal is to throw half of the men into gas chambers and the other half into concentration camps until they either die of starvation or exhaustion. Apparently, I’ve been missing quite a bit of information at these feminist meetings. Weren’t Jewish Nazis a real thing? Those who could pass for being Aryan would work with the Nazis and likely helped kill hundreds of jews. It was a survival tactic, one that men today don’t need since feminists aren’t out to get them.

Women Build Careers Out Of Their Vaginas

Feminism Isn't For Everyone

Unless I’m missing out on something, feminism isn’t a paid job. In fact, being a woman is far more expensive than being a man, and we already get paid less, so if you think about it, we do deserve some kind of bonus simply for having lady parts. Either that or my health insurance needs to start covering the cost of my damn tampons. Building a political career based on standing behind feminist policies is quite different, and our country definitely needs to see more women on top. If you disagree, then feminism obviously isn’t for you.

Those Damn Trump Supporters

Feminism Isn't For Everyone

Republicans are so full of hate these days, and women are definitely toward the top of their lists of people they despise right behind immigrants and Muslims. Yes, most feminists hate Trump. Yes, we think he’s sexist. Yes, we think he has sexually assaulted many women in the past. But we’re not trying to get you to hate the president. We’re trying to point out his wrongs so that the American people don’t think that what he has done and said in the past is okay. Unfortunately, many of Trump’s followers have gone on sexist and racist rants in Trump’s name, further dividing our country.

Feminists Are Pro-Abortion

Feminism Isn't For Everyone

While there’s actually no such thing as being “pro-abortion,” that’s how most Republicans view feminists who are pro-choice. There are so many reasons why a woman would decide to have an abortion, to say it’s because she doesn’t feel like taking care of it is pretty harsh. Our world is hardly underpopulated, so giving women the choice should really be a no-brainer. Those who are against this choice are likely not walking around in their pink pussy hats, but this has been a controversial subject for so long that feminists just brush it off. It’s the men who voice their opinions on things like this that give feminists the reputation of hating men. Not all men! Just some.

Just A Bunch Of Man-Hating Hypocrites

Feminism Isn't For Everyone

This meme kind of makes me sad, because obviously someone has been feeding this girl lies about what feminism is all about. We don’t hate men. Some feminists might, but that’s their personal opinion, not part of what defines feminism. We fight for equality for all regardless of gender, race, or sexual preference. We even fight for the equal rights of Republicans! I respect some men in my life but not all, the same as I don’t respect all of the women in my life. In my opinion, respect is something people are given until they no longer deserve it regardless of gender. Perhaps this girl will learn more about feminism as she gets older but for now, it’s safe to say that it’s not for her.

The New York Times Weighs In

Feminism Isn't For Everyone

If the New York Times ever had a more ironic title for an article, I would love to see it. Why shouldn’t women be trusted to make decisions regarding our own bodies? We do it all day every day. If we’re hungry, we eat. If we’re tired, we sleep. If we want a new tattoo, we get one. If we have cramps, we pop some Tylenol. Not at any point during the day do I recall needing to get permission from a man to do what I wanted with my body. Men need to stop weighing in on things they know nothing about and apparently so does the New York Times.

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