LGBT Teenager Keeps Half Her Face Hidden, Here’s Why

Photo by Facebook/Sophia Savillaga

One 16-year-old teenager from the Philippines named Sophia Savillaga is keen on keeping half of her face shrouded by her hair. No, before you assume anything, she is not an emo, no matter how alive that culture still is, no offense to emos. Sophia is a member of the LGBT community and is actually a homosexual, preferring to be treated as a female, but that is also not her reason for her hairstyle.

Here is why she is shy

Sophia actually has a tumor growing on her left eye which began as early as back when she was still an infant. Her retina was bloodshot when she was born. When she was seven months old, Sophia’s left eye began swelling. Over time, the swelling turned into a lump and just kept getting bigger until Sophia lost her vision in the left eye, she also was in constant pain throughout this predicament.

Photo by YouTube/Viral Press

Unfortunate circumstances

Sophia’s family did try to seek medical help from experts in her hometown of Butuan, Philippines. Unfortunately, their financial situation became a lot worse when her father died, leaving them with no provider and unable to continue treatment. Hence, at the age of 16, Sophia’s tumor has grown to the size of a baseball.

Photo by YouTube/Viral Press

Despite the earlier plans for medical help, the doctors and experts were never actually able to diagnose Sophia’s eye disease. It was, however, believed to be retinoblastoma or medulloepithelioma, which are cancers that begin in the eyes of children. If there is any consolation to Sophia’s situation, the tumor has not spread to other parts of her body.

Regardless, Sophia is still trying to lead a normal life, she has a lot of friends and still goes to school, tumor and all. Sophia remains hopeful and still dreams to be a normal teenager someday.

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