See What This Dedicated Ice Cream Vendor Will Do For His Family

Photo by YouTube/GMA Public Affairs

The Philippines is home to a spectacular amount of bizarre happenings, most of which are heartfelt stories involving poverty. Villamor “Amor” Simangan is one such story.

Amor is quite the figure to his children, more so right now since he was recently the subject of a viral frenzy in social media after being spotted peddling ice cream in the middle of a storm.

Apparently, Amor still had a lot of work to do during this time, hence he did not want to go home yet despite the violent weather. To be specific, the ice cream vendor still had a sales quota of P2,000 or roughly $40 which he needed to bring back to the owner of the ice cream business he works for in order to break even with expenses. Meanwhile, Amor’s wife, Liza, has admitted that this was not the first time her husband went the extra mile for work, and Amor was, in fact, a constantly hardworking father and employee.

Born into poverty

In addition to peddling the ice cream on colorful wooden carts under the unforgiving weather of the Philippines, Amor is also the one who mixes and makes them. Amor certainly puts a lot of other ice cream businesses to shame with his work ethic. Despite this toil though, Amor usually only gets to bring home about P500 or $10 worth of ice cream sales. The ice cream vendor is a victim of multiple unfortunate events which led to his being an ice cream vendor. Perhaps the worst misfortune of them all was being born into poverty and lack of education, similar to millions of others like him in the Philippines.

Thankfully, Amor only suffered a tolerable amount of body pain that day when he had to toil through the rain. Life still goes on and he will continue to provide for his family, rain or shine. So next time you think of an excuse to be absent to work or school, you might want to take inspiration from Amor.

Natividad Sidlangan
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