Make Your Lunchtime Extra Fabulous with This Rainbow Glitter Pizza

Make Your Lunchtime Extra Fabulous with This Rainbow Glitter Pizza

Glitter has always been fabulous, but the shiny stuff is having a moment thanks to the current 90s revival. Whether it’s glitzy hairspray or sparkly bath bombs, glitter really does make everything better (even armpits).

Now, pizza is also getting the twinkle treatment, thanks to DagWoods Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, California. Dubbed the “Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Pizza,” the colourful dish is topped with edible sparkles, creating an eating experience like no other (well, if you like glitter, that is).

Although rainbow-themed, the pizza isn’t a celebration of Pride. However, it has been on hiatus after a limited edition run in December.

The pizza is covered with circles of pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and blue glitter, but it doesn’t taste as sickly-sweet as the typical shimmery delicacies making the rounds on Pinterest lately. According to the reviews, it tastes like a regular cheese pizza – it just comes with a little extra bling!


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Granted, it may not be anything special taste-wise, but we guarantee it’ll get you some likes on Instagram.

If you can’t make it to Santa Monica to give this picture-perfect pizza a whirl, you can always try making your own. Just make sure the glitter is edible first…

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