This Skeleton Has an Instagram Account and She’s So Much Cooler Than You

This Skeleton Has an Instagram Account and She's So Much Cooler Than You

Meet Skellie, the latest Instagram star. Like most influencers, she’s unnaturally skinny, loves a selfie, and has her fair share of #spon posts. Except, unlike when other millennials say “OMG Dead,” she actually means it.

You see, Skellie is a plastic skeleton, and she’s a parody of all the annoying cliches us young ‘uns parade around social media. Created by 33-year-old Dana, who’s day job is the editorial and brand manager for Netflix, omgliterallydead has an impressive 266,000 followers on Instagram.

On her bony friend’s Insta-fame, Dana told The Metro: “It’s the strangest thing to be at brunch with a skeleton and have people excited and snapping photos.

“And it’s surreal because they don’t think seeing Skellie is absurd, they’re actually excited because they love your plastic skeleton Halloween decoration and follow her on social media.”

Like other members of Gen Y, Skellie loves a pink latte

Fri-yay, I love you a-latte! ☕?

A post shared by Skellie ? (@omgliterallydead) on

Does (naked) yoga

Is a vegan

Hi hunnies, I was really craving a tofu-steak. #fauxfur ??‍♀️?

A post shared by Skellie ? (@omgliterallydead) on

And a big fan of festivals

According to Dana, carting a plastic skeleton around everywhere isn’t as much work as it seems.

Dana explains: “She actually folds up (her knees bend into her chest) which makes her easier to carry. That said, there have been moments where she’s been nothing but cumbersome – especially when she falls out of chairs or won’t prop up correctly.”

Just like any millennial after a few drinks then!

Monday aesthetic. ⬅⬅

A post shared by Skellie ? (@omgliterallydead) on

Well, it sounds like her effort is paying off, as Dana has managed to make a few bucks from Skellie’s sponsored posts. However, Dana is selective about who she and Skellie work with – you won’t see any dodgy diet products on this account.

“To be honest, I have a full-time job that I’m really happy with,” Dana says. “So, when a sponsorship opportunity comes up I get to be really discerning about whether or not it seems like a cool idea, a brand I like, and a brand that could add value for Skellie’s fans.”

Of course, like all Insta-queens, Skellie gets a few haters, but she doesn’t let it get her down.

“I think all girls have something special in them and if you’re having a hard time believing in yourself, I don’t want you to be jealous – I want you to shine.”

Follow omgliterallydead for more snaps of her fabulous life.

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