Millie Bobby Brown Has Deactivated Her Twitter Account Because Human Beings are Terrible

Millie Bobby Brown Has Deactivated Her Twitter Account Because Human Beings are Terrible

Stories of cyber-bullied celebs are more common than ever. After all, it was just last week that Star Wars actress Kelly Marie Tran deleted her Instagram, after enduring a year of racist and sexist abuse from fanboys, and in 2015 Iggy Izalea ditched social media after being body-shamed by followers. Now, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has found herself subject to Twitter trolls, who this week drove the actress off the platform. What’s particularly disturbing in this case, however, is that Brown is only 14-years-old.

The teen recently became the focus of a homophobic meme, accompanied by the hashtag #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown, which falsely depicts the star as an angry, slightly murderous, bigot. If you weren’t already like, “WTF?” Wait until you actually see some of the posts making the rounds on social media.

The meme originated from members of the LGBT community, who created the posts as satire (not that that makes it ok). However, the jokes were quickly co-opted by Twitter trolls, who took it to the next level, throwing in Islamaphobic and ableist comments for good measure.

Fortunately, some good-hearted folks have come to the young star’s defence.

In reality, Brown is a supporter of the LGBT community, and we hope she feels confident enough to return to the platform soon!

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