Truth About Puerto Rico Death Toll Labeled “Alternative Facts”

Puerto Rico Alternative Facts

It has been many months since Hurricane Maria ran through Puerto Rico, but we’ve just recently learned that the death toll is far from the official number of 64 that FEMA has been telling us. Over 4600 deaths can be attributed to the hurricane, or rather the pathetic relief response afterward. This information comes to us at the peak of the Trump administration’s Alternative Facts Movement, and it’s no surprise that the president has put Puerto Rico’s latest death toll numbers under this category. And this isn’t the only alternative fact they’re throwing around about what happened. The list goes on.

FEMA Did The Best They Could

Puerto Rico Alternative Facts

Trump might be thanking FEMA for everything they did, claiming they did the best they could considering the circumstances, but did they? Come on, people STILL don’t have electricity. During Hurricane Sandy, New Yorkers were throwing shit fits when they didn’t have electricity for just a week, but somehow it’s okay to leave Puerto Ricans hanging out in the dark for over six months. Not only that, but FEMA stopped offering their services back in January so basically they gave up.

Only One Percent Of The Island Is Still Without Electricity

Puerto Rico Alternative Facts

The government is really trying to say that only one percent of Puerto Rico is without power these days, however, residents of the beautiful island say that has to be a lie. Activists have come forward to say that those attending protests alone without electricity make up more than one percent of the population, so that number has to be higher. Perhaps the government isn’t including those who have access to generators and those with limited electricity. It doesn’t matter though, right? As long as the government has everything they need, the people don’t necessarily matter.

Relief Was Handled Better Than Hurricane Katrina

Puerto Rico Alternative Facts

President Bush may not have cared about black people, but President Trump definitely doesn’t care about Mexicans. Since Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are the same in his mind, it should come as no surprise that the island is still a mess. Trump’s constant need to be worshiped and praised by his supporters encouraged him to tweet updates constantly, but obviously, every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Oh, excuse me, I mean an alternative fact. His comparisons of the relief efforts in Puerto Rico to those after Hurricane Katrina are laughable, to say the least. Right now they’re saying that the death toll in Puerto Rico is double what is on record for Hurricane Katrina, which is the opposite of better in case you’re wondering.

FEMA Is Prepared For This Upcoming Hurricane Season

Puerto Rico Alternative Facts

Trump not only praised FEMA for doing such a great job in Puerto Rico, but he said that they’re just as ready for this upcoming hurricane season as they were for last years. Ummm, what? FEMA has old said that they weren’t prepared for the level of destruction Hurricane Maria left behind, so there are some obvious contradicting stories going on. Or, alternative facts. Literally, FEMA’s only job is to be prepared for emergencies and they’ve proved again and again in the past that they can’t handle it, so there’s no reason this hurricane season will be any different.


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