How Social Media Has Influenced Students as Employees

Social media was thought of as a great way to connect with the people you love, make new friends and follow people who inspire you. But now, it seems to be having a more significant impact on the youth of today. As more and more students become involved with social media, experts are beginning to wonder what this generation of employees will turn out to be like.

Positive Aspects

First off, let’s establish that social media has numerous beneficial effects on students when it comes to self-learning and information. The positive impact of the internet on students involves connecting and interacting with their teacher through social media, making them better equipped to learn and have their queries answered. It’s also highly advantageous that students can access free resource material online nowadays, instead of having to purchase expensive course books.

Let’s not forget that, through social media, young people are becoming more vocal about their sociopolitical stances and views. This is mainly because the internet allows them to learn about recent happenings and events in the world. Some parents are still worried about the harmful effects of social media and wonder why social media is suitable for students anyway.

By being ‘online’ on numerous social forums and platforms, adolescents are allowed to develop new relationships with new people who share the same interests. All these factors merely highlight the importance of social media for students, but there is also a point at which it can be taken too far.

Negative Aspects

The negative impact of social media on students has been established for a long time, but very few people care to get into the details. The addictive nature of these so-called social platforms is causing young people to fall behind in school.

Also, as they grow more attached to their handheld devices, their attention spans shorten, and they’re unable to concentrate on schoolwork for a set period. This leads them to look for services such as CopyCrafter, which offers help in academic writing by conducting thorough research and practice.

Although the beneficial aspect of students becoming more knowledgeable about news and international affairs can’t be denied, let’s not forget that many of these teens read their news off social media websites. These posts that try to pass off as objective journalism are often just clickbait and not true at all.

Social media pages should opt for a better way to post informative news on their platforms; by hiring talented writers who do the required research and take necessary steps to ensure credibility, as well as validity.

Another reason why social media is terrible for students is that of how it impacts their self-esteem. While this may seem like a trivial issue, it’s quite harmful considering that these are people who will soon enter the workforce; a worker who’s not confident about his/her skills can be as problematic as a worker with no skills.

How Social Media Influences the Future Workforce

If you keep up with current news, you’ll find various instances where social media is blamed for low productivity in the workplace. And it’s true; research shows that corporations lose more than millions of dollars due to a lack of productivity.

However, the current situation seems all the grimmer for the reason that this is only the case of today’s working population –where fresh graduates make up only a small part of the percentage. The current youth is much more distracted due to social media, so one can only imagine how productivity levels will take a hit once they enter the workplace.

Not only will this generation of future employees be less productive, but they’ll be less motivated to progress and achieve growth in the workplace. This is due to the widespread epidemic of mental disorders, such as depression, that is at an all-time high. This problem further highlights why social media is bad for students.

However, it can’t be denied that the internet is playing an integral role in creating a unique workforce which is unlike that of the past. These very students will turn out to be skilled in multiple fields and more creative when it comes to thinking of new ideas. Ever since the spread of ideas has become more accessible thanks to the internet, youngsters are better equipped with the tools to learn about the world’s needs.

In this case, the common saying “too much of anything is bad” applies to social media and the internet. Even though it’s true that it can have adverse effects when used irresponsibly, it can prove to be beneficial when applied in all the right places. That’s why we mustn’t be too quick to dismiss the internet and social media, but rather give the students of today a chance to explore their potential with its help.


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