Morgan Freeman Accused of Sexual Misconduct—Is Mr Rogers Next?

Morgan Freeman was accused of acting sexy with the wrong folks at the wrong times. Up next, Bob Ross, Mr. Rogers, and Barack Obama.

It’s a mad, mad world out there. When even the voice of Black God is capable of sexual assault, who can you trust? What can be said when the world crumbles around you. There’s little trust for the once lofty men of power, who now seem to have all abused their power in terrible ways. And when even someone as pure and sparkling as Black Grandad can turn out to be the type of man who’s willing to abuse his position of authority, it’s hard not to get down on the whole enterprise of Dudes In General.

Morgan Freeman, for the record, insists that “I did not assault women.” But that’s exactly the type of thing you’d say regardless of whether you’d actually done something wrong. It takes the moral character of Jesus Henrietta Christ to publicly admit to wrongdoing without being backed into it, so I wouldn’t expect Freeman to say that he had done it at any rate. I mean, Bill Cosby, the previous holder of the anointed and beloved position of Black Grandpa of the Western World, is probably still saying that he’s never hurt a woman, despite getting sentenced to jail for the rest of his life for the crime of Hurting Women.

As of now, eight separate women have told CNN that Morgan Freeman “made suggestive comments about their appearance and inappropriately touched them.” Could they all be lying? Sure. We could also all get killed by a meteor made of vending machines tomorrow, but it doesn’t seem likely. No, it seems way more likely that Freeman has, in fact, done something. And I’m sure it’s not the kind of thing that Freeman would consider “assault” in his head. But he’s not the one who has to judge his actions. These women are the only ones who can definitively say what it felt like and classify his behavior as acceptable or inappropriate.

I do fervently hope we are past the point where women just have to accept that men in positions of power will say sexual things to them without repercussions. And if Morgan Freeman has to fall in that social upheaval, then so be it.

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