Kylie Jenner Superfan Gets $2,000 Gift From Reality Star

Kylie Jenner superfan Johnny Cyrus gets huge gift from reality star.

It pays to be a Kylie Jenner superfan. On top of the endless adoration that Johnny Cyrus has for Kylie, which includes buying her products and even getting a tribute tattoo to the youngest Jenner, Johnny got a total bonus when Kylie laid a sweet $2,000 gift on his doorstep. Not too shabby, right?

Johnny took to Instagram, naturally, to share the big ticket item because who wouldn’t want to publicly brag about it? For his neverending support of Kylie and because it was his birthday, she gave him a Louis Vuitton bag worth over $2,000.

Thank you @kyliejenner for the amazing birthday gift ?❤ it means so much to me!

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Johnny posed with the fancy backback, with the caption: “Thank you @kyliejenner for the amazing birthday gift… it means so much to me!” Kylie was sure to like the photograph he posted, proving it’s totally from her. Devoting your life to celebrities can sometimes yield some amazing things (look no further than Taylor Swift’s generosity towards her fans).

Just a day before sharing the pic of his gift, he posted a photo of himself posing with Kylie, with the caption: “you’re doing amazing sweetie.” Following the birthday gift, he posted more photos and video from Kylie’s San Francisco Pop Up event.

you’re doing amazing sweetie

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If you need further proof that Johnny is truly a superfan, look no further than the crazy tattoo he has on his arm: a total shoutout to Kylie’s Lip Kit swatches, which he explained on Instagram: “two years ago… I got these tattooed on me. Still one of my favorite tattoos that I have #kyliecosmetics.”

You might say he’s a bit of a fan!

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