That Awkward Moment When You Realize Republicans Act Like There’s No Way To Prevent School Shootings To Save Face With NRA Sponsors 

Republicans Can't Prevent School Shootings

We all know that the government lies. To what extent they lie, however, isn’t always very clear. Republicans have always put far too much trust in the administration. They still think that Trump is going to build them that damn wall. So, when their government tells them that school shootings can’t be prevented, well, they believe them. We may know better, but the Republicans have been known to lean toward the more foolish side of things. As more and more school shootings are occurring within the United States, it seems like more Republicans are gaining some common sense. They aren’t actually smart or anything, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Some are even starting to wonder if NRA sponsors have anything to do with the government’s lack of action. Who would have thunk it!? Here are some of the greatest reactions after citizens have realized that their Republican government officials may not be telling them the whole truth.

Survivor Asks For Limits On Guns To Match Those On Tide Pods

A teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Ashley Kurth, is a Republican but after surviving what is now referred to as the Parkland shooting, she’s calling for stricter gun laws. While other Trump supporters don’t seem to understand what the big deal is to arm several teachers in schools in order to prevent such things, but Kurth is smarter than that. She tells the reporter that she doesn’t want to be armed saying, “I don’t want to then have the responsibility of grabbing these terrified children that are running, and saving my life, and saving their lives, and then thinking ‘okay, now I gotta go try and shoot this guy.'” See, Ashley is smart. Be like Ashley. She then points out how quickly regulations were put in place to prevent kids from getting their hands on Tide Pods after it became some kind of weird trend to eat them, yet dozens of school shootings have occurred and no one has done a damn thing. Not to mention, none of the kids doing the Tide Pod challenge died. They’re dumb and poisoned themselves, but they’re still alive. That’s more than the victims of these school shootings can say.

Second Amendment Enthusiast Destroys AR-15 Rifle

Scott Pappalardo, who has owned his AR-15 rifle for 30 or so years, did something incredible to honor those who have lost their lives at the hand of a semi-automatic rifle. He destroyed it. Now, this man is clearly a gun enthusiast and admits that he has fun with this particular rifle. He even has a tattoo of the second amendment on his arm. However, as a decent human being, he understands that the lives of these children are far more important than his right to own this gun. Scott makes a statement by literally sawing the thing in half to ensure it’s never used to kill someone. This guy understands that no ones trying to take his guns away. Gun control isn’t about not letting you buy your deadly toys, it’s about putting restrictions on them so these dumbass kids are less likely to get their hands on one.

Trump Supporter Shocked When Husband Gets Deported

It’s not just NRA fanatics who are changing their tune. Helen Beristain is a Trump supporter, or at least she was. She particularly liked the idea of Trump forcing illegal immigrants to leave the country. Perhaps she forgot that her husband is in fact, an illegal immigrant. During one of his routine check-ins with the department of immigration, Helen wasn’t allowed inside and it was just a matter of time before she realized that her husband had been detained. Even though she claims she didn’t think Trump’s campaign promise would affect her family, perhaps she was looking for a way to get rid of her old man and get on Tinder. Either that or she’s just an idiot and deserves the title of Donkey of the Day given to her by The Breakfast Club.

Republican Fears Losing Obamacare

Trump might be determined to change everything Obama had his hands on, but Obamacare is just good for the people. Unfortunately, our oh-so-humble leader doesn’t care and wants to get rid of it anyway and replace it with Trumpcare. It might actually be cheaper just to change the name of the program so that the president is satisfied and no one has to worry about losing their health insurance. Which is exactly what self-proclaimed conservative Bob Ruscoe is afraid of. Several years ago he found himself about a hundred pounds overweight, and insurance companies refused him left and right because apparently, they can do that if you don’t have a job and need to shop around on your own. What the hell is wrong with this country?

Republican Gets Off Trump Train Because Obamacare Hasn’t Been Repealed

Kraig Moss was what you might call a Trump supper fan during the presidential campaign. He followed Trump to 45 rallies, singing his praises. Literally. Moss was doing this all for his son, who had passed away from a heroin overdose. He felt that if his son had accessible health insurance, that he would have been able to receive treatment for addiction and may even still be alive. During Trump’s campaign, he promised to provide those who are struggling with addiction and drug problems more assistance, and Moss was all about it, urging everyone to vote Republican. With Obamacare still in place, he has since changed his tune and now feels like Trump was lying to get more votes.

Trump Supporter Learns What A Ladder Is

Obviously, this is a spoof, but I just couldn’t help myself. Also, there are definitely some people out there who really think this wall between Mexico and the states will keep illegal immigrants out. Those who don’t have ladders will have a rope. Those without rope will have shovels. Also, there’s a huge part of the border that is open to water travel, so it’s just not going to work. Sorry, not sorry.

And for your viewing pleasure, a Republican whose career will be destroyed if the wall is actually built claims he doesn’t have voters regret:


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