The New York Times Opinion Page Hates You, Its Parents and Itself

The New York Times has frequently been labeled as a bastion of liberal thought and ideology. And I guess if your viewpoint is based on the willful distortion of facts, then a newspaper that actually reports the truth will certainly take on the role of the enemy. Does the New York Times cater to its readers in some way? Oh, but of course. That’s how BUSINESS WORKS. But so does every media outlet in the world. Do they peddle lies on purpose? There’s no evidence of that kind of twisting of facts to support their supposed liberal bias. You’ll need to look to Fox News to uncover that sort of company-wide twisting of the truth to support an ideological position.

However, the New York Times is not blameless. It has a very specific disease: the common liberal affliction of outsized empathy and a overwhelming dedication to trying to understand the perspective of everyone else. Part of this is driven by their incredible failure at predicting the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. The paper feels they don’t understand why they got it so wrong and has been undertaking a soul-searching mission to try and discover what the problem was. Part of their solution to this problem is collecting voices from outside their normal perspective. And so, as a result, they’ve started asking popular conservative writers to write guest columns in their opinion pages. And man has that gone without a single hitch.

Try to imagine, for just a moment, what would happen if Donald Trump got to write an officially sanctioned opinion column in his least favorite “FAILING” newspaper. It would he histrionic, combative, aggressive and largely pointless. The NYT has basically accomplished nothing by having conservatives write opinion columns. Just look at see for yourself. These are far from the intelligent, thoughtful opinions found in magazines like the National Review. Instead, it is like reading the manifesto published by a prisoners’ riot. The opinions are presented not as an attempt to persuade anyone, but as an adolescent screed against everyone in charge of the writer’s life. It’s like a teenager writing in their diary to complain about their parents. How dare these liboruls ask outside voices into their inner sanctum! Write nasty opinion columns to teabag the libz—it’s worth it for the lulz.


Alex Fox


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