Stormy Daniels Case: Rudy Giuliani Proves Again Why Rude Is in His Name

Rudy Giuliani is kind of a crappy human being. I know that is a very biased way to begin an article but the reality is, over the last few years in showing his devotion to Trump he has slowly revealed a much truer version of himself to the public, and that man-boy is a name-calling juvenile who is no different than Trumplestiltskin himself at the end of the day.

For further proof of this (as if I have not posted enough damning evidence already, which I have) we have yesterday, when Rudy Giuliani called Stormy Daniels lawyer a “pimp.” I don’t even need to give you context. Giuliani called him that because he is the lawyer of a porn star. Yes, he said “pimp. this is grade school behavior on display by the supposedly full-grown “men” who run this country and in doing so, represent us. Nah, I gotta be real here. Grown men name calling does not represent me as an American, nor does it represent most of us.

The crazy thing for me is this stuff no longer angers me to write about. Just makes me sad for these simpletons (and us in the long run). A glaring testimony to just how sad and silly politics have become in 2018. It is self-satire at its finest (and saddest), truly.

And Rudy Giuliani (get ready because I use this joke a lot, but it would be a missed opportunity not to) once again shows us why you cannot say his name without using the word rude.

Here, read this. It will leave a much better taste in your mouth for the weekend.


Remy Carreiro


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