Pulling the Trump Card: Iran Officially Hates Our Guts

I don’t think I have to speak of the strained relationship between America and Iran right now (and forever), and how Prez Trump is literally pissing gasoline directly on to that fire, making it larger by the day. By withdrawing from the Nuclear treaty we had with Iran, what was a slow simmer up to this point is now boiling over. Seems Trump has further set in stone what could very well be the first stages of a potential nuclear world war, the likes of which this country has never seen before.

From his usage of hostages as bargaining chips to his constant disrespect of anyone other than him on social media, he has both created and perpetuated a sad caricature of a perpetual man-boy who would rather throw stones than talk it out. The end result of this is Iran full-on admitting that they will “never trust us again”, which of course, is chilling to hear when you think of the potential ramifications this country could fall victim to as a result of this fiasco.


“We were naive to think the United States would keep its promises in a deal with us,” Hasan, a retired captain in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and a veteran of the Iran-Iraq war — now a prominent film director — said last week from his office in a major regime production studio in central Tehran. “I thought enough time had passed since the revolution that we could potentially engage with America again,” he continued, before he let out a resigned sigh.”

Please note, above he does NOT say Trump would keep promises. He says “The United States”, proving that Trump’s words and actions are damning us all.

It’s like the young child in the family (us) has to stand between two drunken parents who both have knives (them) and we kinda know ALL OF US are gonna get stabbed, even though we (as the kid) have no place in this.

So yeah, this should end well. Is it weird I just wanna run away?

I’m gonna tell you why that above video is kinda genius here (not humble, deal with it).

And IRAN, I ran so far away…..

Get it? Works in like 19 levels.

*High fives self while nukes begin to drop

Kanye and Trump to Drop New Mix Album Called IMA LET YOU FINISH….

Remy Carreiro


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