The Good News: Indian Man Missing for 40 Years Reunites with Family

What a great story to end the news week with, and there’s no need for me to fluff it up or make it prettier, as it doesn’t need a cherry on this Sundae. It already  has one in  the story itself. An Indian man named Khomdram Gambhir Singh from Manipur, India went missing 40 years ago (ran away from home a s a kid), but his family NEVER gave up hope (which has to be INCREDIBLY hard, even after 5 years) and with good reason.

He was just found.

Thanks to someone seeing him on social media, the family was contacted and sure enough, it is Khomdram and you are about to watch the reunion happen:

And yes, this is the start of the new “Good News” column I will try to do at LEAST once a week to wash the taste of the some of the crazy stuff going on in the world right now out of y(our) collective mouths.

Hope this helped and have a great weekend!


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