[Legal] Courtney Love Sued For Second Time Over Twitter Rants

Never a stranger to controversy, Courtney Love should be lauded for her unique ability to use new and emerging technologies to get into more legal trouble.

A complaint filed late last week in Los Angeles Superior Court accuses Love of libel, and details statements the rocker made on Twitter accusing one of her former attorneys of taking bribes. Love set her sights on her erstwhile lawyer Rhonda Holmes, of San Diego-based firm Gordon Holmes. Holmes says Love balked at the provision she stay off drugs and alcohol while a client at the firm, but later came back and asked the lawyers to represent her.

The firm reportedly refused, and what happened next is up for debate in court. Holmes says Love used Twitter as a weapon to defame her:

“I was f–king devastated when Rhonda J Holmes Esq of San Diego was bought off…,” Love stated in a tweet cited in court documents.

The firm also wasn’t too psyched about an interview Love gave to a website in July 2010 in which she again hinted at impropriety on Holmes’ part.

“I’ve been hiring and firing lawyers to help me with this,” Love said in the sit-down. The story says Love discussed “a female attorney who has since stopped taking her calls because ‘they got to her’ after [Love] mentioned something to Page 6 of the New York Post.

The law firm is looking for “unspecified damages” due to the harm Holmes says the statements caused her business. In March, Love was ordered to pay a designer more than $400,000 for defamatory statements and threats she posted on the microblogging service.

Kim LaCapria

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