Facebook Posts Recalled Better Than Faces Or Books, Study Finds

Facebook Posts

Facebook posts flood our news feeds every day and a new study says they are more memorable than faces or books. The study was conducted by UC San Diego and published in the journal Memory and Cognition.

The goal of the study was to examine the effects of different emotions on memory. Several experiments were ran with the first involving UC San Diego undergrads in two groups. The first group read status updates while the other group read sentences from various books. In the second experiment, researchers tested memorability of Facebook posts against facial recognition.

Using facial recognition databases from DARPA and FERET two hundred faces were chosen. Each group was shown one hundred blocks of text and had to perform a test afterwards that mixed all the sentences they saw together into new sentences. Participants then had to choose which sentences they originally saw and then they had to perform the same task with the faces.

In both experiments, participants who read Facebook posts had better confidence and were more accurate in recalling information. Two more experiments were completed with one asking participants to choose sentences which reminded them of someone they knew while the other compared status updates to headlines on CNN.

The end result revealed that micro-blogging updates were more memorable than faces or books.

To read the full study on memory recall involving Facebook posts you can visit here.

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