Jim Carrey’s Twitter Art Has a Direct Line to Your Political Outrage


Over the last several years, Jim Carrey has eschewed his big-budget comedy career in favor of walking his own path. The iconic comedian and actor known for roles in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (and about a dozen others) has instead focused on his spiritual journey.

The result of that (admittedly kooky) sojourn has turned Carrey into a thoughtful and optimistic person, who also happens to be a little bit of an oddball.

Okay, listening to him talk, you’d probably be forgiven for thinking that Jim Carrey is a little bit of a nut, but when you’re cemented in comedy history, you can afford to get a little bit out there on the edge. Besides, anyone looking for a glimmer of the old Jim Carrey need to look no further than his Twitter feed to find the edgy comedian you’ve loved for three decades.

Over the course of his ongoing protest, Carrey’s work has coalesced into enjoyable gonzo pop art, even as he demonstrates a joy for the semi-pornographic and scatological. It may not be high brow, but it sure is entertaining.

Jim Carrey, Twitter Artist

Jim Carrey has been an active Twitter user for almost a decade, and he’s been posting fragments of his artwork for years. About two-and-a-half years ago, however, the presidential campaign of a certain dill hole with a combover ignited an aggressiveness in Carrey’s tweets that elicited a slew of incisive, scathing work reminiscent of the daring stuff that made him famous.

He started off small, urging people to vote in the election, and creating or retweeting homemade graphics that were critical of the Trump campaign. Even after Trump took office, Carrey’s input into the political conversation was mostly innocuous. Then, last August, a bunch of dicks sporting tiki torches gave a face to the growing disease of the American public. The next day, Carrey tweeted out a picture of Donald Trump, sinking into a sea of lies.

That was just the lead in for Jim Carrey’s Twitter art extravaganza. A few months later, he began posting portraits of prominent figures in the Trump administration and the GOP. Their was the head honcho:

There was a picture of now-deposed Trump advisor Steve Bannon, accurately pegged with his official title.

Carrey even painted a startlingly accurate portrait of Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin, but it’s a little bit racy in its honesty, so click on that link at your own discretion.

Getting the Attention of Huck

While the rest of us stewed over the President’s continued jackanapery, Carrey shouted his discontent from the rooftops. For the most part, however, Carrey’s antics mostly acted as a kind of stress release for his 18 million Twitter followers. Then, in March of this year, Carrey continued his string of Trump administration portraits with this beautiful depiction of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The less-than-flattering portrait saw quick blowback from conservative Tweeters, who called Carrey a has-been and criticized his use of the word “Christian.” Even Sanders’ father, former Arkansas governor (and super Christian) Mike Huckabee found himself incapable of turning the other cheek.

At this point in the Hollywood scandal cycle, the celebrity in question is usually working on the first draft of a half-hearted apology. That’s the way that these things tend to run. Instead, Carrey responded to the hatred by poking the bear.

The portrait of Donald Trump as the Wicked Witch of the West was a mere opening volley. Ever since, Carrey has released a new piece of artwork every day or two primarily aimed at making the Trump administration look like the bunch of putzes that they are.

He celebrated the downfall of Jared Kushner:

He paid tribute to a bunch of teen heroes:

He gave Scott Pruitt the colonoscopy the EPA chief deserves:


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