This is Why Not Everyone Was Meant to Kayak Over A Waterfall

There are certain things we are capable of as humans and certain things were are not. That is what makes us special. Strengths and weaknesses, but never get them mixed. Just because someone ELSE is good at something doesn’t mean you will be by default, which is the exact lesson the man in the kayak learns in the following video:

But this is one of those stories where I can tell you no one died and there was just a moment of fear but everything turned out okay so yes, you can officially laugh at the zaniness and brazen courage/ stupidity of the man in the catamaran kayak who learned a very valuable lesson that day about what he was and wasn’t yet capable of.

The waterfall on a kayak thing falls into the “not capable of” category as of now, but who knows, and given time and his own resolve, he may master it or drown in the process, so there’s that. The human being is a very interesting creature. One of the only in the entire food chain who does something that almost kills us only to say to ourselves:

LET’S TRY THAT AGAIN, only this time with hopefully less near-death experiences.

Again, that may be resolve and resiliency of us as a people, but it may also be a weakness (if you end up dead, real talk).


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Remy Carreiro


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