I Just Found The Greatest News Anchor Who Ever Lived, Bask in His Majesty

“Do you get a tax break if you are married to yourself?” It is both a simple question, a stupid question and a genius question, all at once, somehow. And it is spoken on live TV news by an anchor named Trevor Ault, who seemingly tosses the pre-written script aside and actually just kind of lets himself say whatever comes to his mind and mouth, regardless of whether it is sarcastic, spot on, or way off.

In a world where all the media we get is somewhat tainted and pre-practiced, this news anchor is a breath of fresh air (and someone needs to collect all his rantings in a book because this MIGHT be the dude who single-handedly saves society right now because, even as a news anchor, he clearly knows how insane it all is and has fun playing with that very dichotomy).

You are also getting a lot of these news anchor quips out of context which makes it all sound even more insane, but Trevor Ault is very much sane. He just  knows what he is doing is easily satirized and mocked by the very people selling that drama to us, so he does just that.

See his majesty for yourself:

You can’t even be mad at that. Like I said, it is nice to see a journalist who doesn’t act like they have a nine inch nail shoved up their collective *ss.


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Remy Carreiro


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