Why Paul Ryan’s Resignation May Spell Doom for Trump Administration

It has been long-rumored that U.S house speaker Paul Ryan was leaving his position so when it was officially announced that Ryan was not seeking re-election, not too many people were surprised. He has clearly stated that he has no interest in running again and will not accept a nomination. While Paul Ryan himself has said the exit had everything to do with spending more time with his family, there are undercurrents that indicate the waters run a lot deeper than that shallow explanation.

Upon diving a little deeper into this Paul Ryan situation, a more pressing truth reveals itself:

Ryan is surely keenly aware, based on his own party’s research as well as public polls, that there is a good chance the Republicans will lose the majority in the House, and as a consequence he will no longer be speaker, but merely minority leader. 

So when the U.S house speaker steps down from his position and pulls that hope from his (and Trump’s) republican party, that has a lot of people believing that this will be the first of many death-blows to the current republican administration. Ryan made a major move and one that could potentially bring the republican party to it’s knees:

In simple terms, it looks like this messy train wreck that has been Trump’s presidency may not have the half-life a lot of people thought it did mere months ago and Paul Ryan’s departure only sets that in stone.

The further ramifications of this decision will only truly reveal themselves more and more over time.


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Remy Carreiro


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