Giraffe’s Sick Park: Stupid Woman Learns Lesson From Nature

Nature is a majestic beast but one you do not take for granted. Nature has no problem using its soldiers (aka animals) to humble a stupid woman or man now and then. As in this case you are about to see involving a very stupid woman and a very curious  giraffe.

Why are you on your phone, stupid woman?

There are clearly animals that you could be (and should be) observing. For example, the giraffe whose giant head you attempt to close in your window for some reason, only to learn that you are called stupid woman over and over again in this article for a very valid reason:

Personally, I kinda hoped the giraffe was gonna eat her. I mean, I realize the impossibility of that but seeing a stupid woman eaten by a giraffe would be one more thing I could scratch off my oddly specific and cryptic bucket list.

Nature: 1

Woman: 0


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Remy Carreiro


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