Ann Coulter Said We Should Shoot One Immigrant So “They’ll Learn”

Wow. Just wow. It takes something PROFOUNDLY stupid for me to begin an article that way.

So it goes, Ann Coulter just said if we “shoot one immigrant” maybe they will learn. She literally SAID THIS, OUT LOUD, TO PEOPLE! And got away with it. Okay, are you people NOT concerned?! These are the people RUNNING OUR COUNTRY right now and they are literally telling us to kill an immigrant to scare the other ones, yet people get mad when we compare the current regime to Hitler, yet that WAS HIS WHOLE M.O. Killing people he saw as immigrants and minorities and below him (because he was actually very threatened by them, read between the lines, people).

That is literally all I am saying about this story.

If I say anymore about Ann Coulter, I will go to jail and be fired. No, really, I am supposed to be unbiased journalist, yet this story just broke me. Here, a moving meme with sound which is what we used to call a video that sums up how I feel right now about this:

There comes a moment every week (if you actually have a soul, like I do) where you throw your hands up and say, NOPE, I can’t do this anymore simply because you get so sick of reporting the same stupid, ignorant politicians doing and saying the same sh*t over and over again every week, it depletes the soul. Luckily, this always happens on Friday, I recharge over the weekend, and then start the whole cycle again next week, only to break again by Friday.

Gotta love this hamster wheel we call life. See how fun it is making NO progress? And Ann Coulter, please, just shut your gaping face hole that makes noises. EVERYTHING that comes out of your mouth sounds like it was said by some snotty character who won a ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

At this point, the world is just waiting for Ann Coulter to inflate and turn blue and then the problem will be over:

Have a nice weekend, people. Here’s hoping next week has less shootings and stupid ass politicians saying stupid ass things, but come on, this is 2018. We know there will be more crap.

So it goes…..

Don’t Worry, Trump Likes Your Guns as Long As We Keep Using Them On Each Other and Not Him

Remy Carreiro


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