Do Not Watch If Scared of Heights: Man Slides Down 250 Foot Pole

I grew up deathly afraid of heights so I decided to face that fear by skydiving once I grew up. Suffice it to say, it didn’t help me face my fear as much as it made me almost crap myself while falling at 100+ MPH towards the Earth below. I am telling you this story because if you are at all scared of heights, the following video just might have the same affect on you as skydiving had on me.

Kept me scared of heights, simply reinforced how correct I was in having that fear. Remember kids, our fears exist in us to keep us alive, so we shouldn’t ignore them.

But shout out to this madman who clearly has no fear of heights whatsoever and decides to slide down a 250 foot pole while filming in first person so all of us could put on our VR goggles and vomit on ourselves, simultaneously:

But hey, he made it, we made it, and all we need to do now is change our pants so really, everyone wins.

Except our pants.


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Remy Carreiro


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