Funny But So Wrong: Skier Smashes Into Ski Lift During Epic Jump

As we pointed out in an article yesterday how it is never okay to laugh at someone else’s misfortune (until it is).

That is one problem (out of about 136,000) with the internet. You get sent clips like the following under the guise they are funny, so we laugh because that is why the video was shown to us or went viral. But if you take the video of this skier making an epic jump and timing it SO imperfectly he actually jumps and smashes directly into a ski lift moving by at the same time is one of those fine lines. Do we laugh, do we not, doth laughing at such troubles and trials make us EVIL by nature?


So why was the horse video okay to laugh at and this one isn’t? Well, I never said this one isn’t okay to laugh at, I am just saying this one WILL have some fine print at the end (that the horse video didn’t), so make sure you read it when you stop watching this poor skier doing the coolest move at the worst possible time and laughing your  *ss off:

Just so you know, he broke his jaw in three places you filthy animals. God, how could you laugh at that?

*Stifles chuckle that will prove him a hypocrite but types it out because he is honest


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Remy Carreiro


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