Update: White House Says China Tariffs Are Only “Proposals” Right Now

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As we told you merely a few hours ago, China has stated they intend to issue a 25% tariff increase some very essential things we import from them (namely cars and soy, believe it or not) in lieu of what very much feels like an impending trade war that China seemingly just took the first REAL shot in. We reported we would update the story once that White House released had addressed this, and they have.

In typical ‘Trump-run White House’ Fashion, it is now being said that the alleged tariff increases are not set in stone but rather, proposals right now in what they are pretending to be a very civil exchange.

Via Bloomberg:

“None of the tariffs have been put in place yet, these are all proposals,” Kudlow said in an interview Wednesday with Bloomberg News. “We’re putting it out for comment. There’s at least two months before any actions are taken.”

So to break this down to a level more people can understand, this is what just happened. Someone (China) finally got sick of all the sh*t-talking our president does on social media and any other platform he is given and they decided to do something about it. Our White House was TOTALLY unprepared for this, so they are freaking out and have issued a statement solely to quell the growing concern about this international issue simmering right now while they spend a month and a half trying to solve a problem that is only two months away from being a reality (if that statement is indeed, true). You know, instead of actually SOLVING the problem, which has been the running theme of the last year in the White House. All (vapid, hollow) words and no action.

And you know the old adage, actions speak louder than words. A point just driven home by China’s “proposal”. Again, just like ending the last article about this dicey subject, I’m still very curious to see how this one is gonna play out in the long run.

But I can safely say this…

Even Dogs Hate Donald Trump on INSTINCT Alone

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